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March/April 2020

 Cover Model March/Aprirl 2020 Sarah mckee

Sarah McKee

My name is Sarah Mckee and I am a promoter of health and fitness. I love helping people find their balance between work and play - but to set goals obtainable to crush! Life is way more beautiful when you find a healthier way of living, and I love opening people’s eyes to that. Taking your body to levels beyond belief, and beyond anything you have ever experienced. I do it for a happier society and a happier atmosphere because health and fitness has

changed my life in ways people wouldn’t believe.

Oblique Choice Award March/April 2020

Holy City CrossFit

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Featured March/April 2020 Featured yoga pose

Paige Calla-Eka Pada Rajakapotasana

Featured March/April 2020 Oblique recipe

Chinese Stir-Fry


Featured March/April 2020 Fitness Professional 

Jenny Broe

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