Oblique Beauty

What the HECK was I thinking??

You did your research. You talked to friends. You waiting yers to save enough money and have it be the "right time". Hell you event checked the internet...

 I feel great now, but I look….?? by Dennis K. Schimpf, MD, MBA, FACS

While you will almost never hear someone say they are exercising too much or eating too well, there can be some unexpected down sides to getting healthy, more specifically of losing weight.

The Yelp effect…. On healthcare by Dennis K. Schimpf

While technology has advanced and continues to improve patient experiences and outcomes, one area technology has greatly added confusion for the healthcare industry, is the world of social media.   

Look As Good As You Feel by Dennis K. Schimpf, MD, MBA, FACS

I so often hear from patients that their face doesn’t look like they feel. They feel so much better and younger than they look! With the constant reminder by friends, co-workers and family of how tired they look, it’s easy for one to become discouraged.