Oblique Fashion


Vintage Cars and Fashion September/October 2019 Fashion Spread

featuring Red Rose Vintage and Fenix Automotive

Behind the Scenes Red Rose Vintage

Videographer: @ikentlin

Shout out

Photographer Greg Lamb-Carr,

Makeup: Karyna Omura

Hair: Elizabeth Gravels

Creative Director: Timmy Kelly


Red Rose Vintage

Fenix Automotive


Reagan Hack

Maddi Reese

July/August 2019 Fitness Wear Competition benefitting Pedals4Peanuts

Behind the Scenes of Oblique Magazine Fitness Wear Fashion Show

Fitness Wear Fashion Show BTS

Video by: Gabby Powell

Behind the Scenes of the Pedals4Peanuts Fashion Shoot

by Gabby Powell

Behind the Scenes July/August Fashion Shoot

Shout out

Photographer Greg Lamb-Carr,

Makeup: Karyna Omura

Hair: Elizabeth Gravels

Creative Director Timmy Kelly


Zyia For All-Sarah Donegan

Kate Warner Creations-Alexandra Silva

Athleta-Kayla Edwards

Boulevardier & Carrillos Men's Fashion Spread

May/June 2019

Behind the Scenes video at Dumas

Experience the fashion shoot with models Mikeal Green, Gunnar Moldrik, and Savanna Heim

Shout out

Photographer Greg Lamb-Carr,

Stylist Taylor Eubanks,

Hair and Makeup Stylist Karyna Omura,

Creative Director Timmy Kelly


M Dumas and Sons

Bourbons n Bubbles

Kings Leaf Cigars

 Madhatter at the Bohemian 


Meet the stylist:

Madison Simon

Women's Wear Buyer, Stylist and Director of Digital Marketing at Gwynns in Mt. Pleasant

"I come from mulitple generations of apparel and retail on both sides of my family, so naturally, the fashion business has always been a part of my life. What insipres me most when styling is that an outfit can be a piece of art, and also an emotional expression. Not only do I enjoy being able to see a look come to life, but I also love to help women feel bold, beautiful and confident through their clothes. When you're confident in what you're wearing, you walk in a way that allows you to take on the world. Styling this particular photoshoot for Oblique and the Grand Bohemian Hotel was uniquely fun! The Madhatte theme called for my looks to be outside the box which was exciting and translated into a visually enticing final product."

Watch Jackie McKelvey in

Behind the scenes video of the Madhatter at the Bohemiean fitting

Experience Gwynn's fitness fashion with cover model Madison Lecroy

Dressed by Weezie

Check Out Our Fashion Shoot with Hampden

Behind the Scenes

Desmond Kinlaw

Personal Shopper, Hampden

"My style is pretty eclectic but there is a few consistencies. It's hard to narrow down a list of my favorite labels but for the past few years Rick Owens, Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccerello, and Off-White by Virgil Abloh have been the cream of the crop for me. I'm like the guy who grew up in Japan until he was 16 and then moved to NYC. But still spent every summer with his cousins in LA. I actually specialize in men's fashion but I still have a love and appreciation for womenswear. I typically operate through two lenses: (1) would I wear it? And (2) would I want my wife to wear it? I draw inspiration from any and everything so I try to always keep my eyes open. I've amassed a huge collection of commercial and international fashion magazines so I've got a deep mental library of images that I mix and match ideas from"