Jan Park

“It’s time to Health Yourself!”

Jan Park is a Registered Nurse, ACE Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Certified Weight Management Specialist, Corporate Wellness Manager, mom of 3, and founder of Health Yourself by JP.   

After 12 years of working in critical cardiac care as a nurse, Jan saw firsthand that the power of healing often lies within the patient themselves, and was drawn to preventive care and wellness, helping people adopt the lifestyle needed to reverse their illnesses and improve their quality of life. Jan has worked in corporate wellness for the last 13 years. She also founded Health Yourself by JP which is an online nutrition program to help people learn how to lose weight and eat healthy for life. Health Yourself by JP takes the confusion out of nutrition. No fad diets, all facts and strategies based on science! In addition to the online nutritional course, Jan offers private coaching and grocery store trips.

With her clinical background combined with her nutritional coaching, Jan has helped countless individuals reduce or eliminate medications, reach their goals, and transform through healthy nutrtition. There is nothing that makes her more passionate than to see someone regain their energy, self-esteem, and control over their health!


IG: @Health_Yourself_byJP