The Hangover of Your 20's

During my 500hr Yoga Teacher Training my teacher, Christopher Yax told me, "The hangover in your twenties is caring what people think about you." So here I am, waiting until my thirties for all my insecurities, fears and troubles to magically lift away.

The only issue is I'm 27. I don't want three more years of hiding, worrying, and running away. I don't want to spend the last 3 years of my twenties with the same hangover.

So what's the cure? This time, it's not a greasy cheeseburger or the hair of the dog.

This time. It's confidence.

True confidence. Not the kind that comes from a great Blow Out, or a killer Yoga Sculpt class. The kind of confidence that is always there. Quietly supporting you, letting you know, "No matter what I've got your back. Let's go for it."

This type of confidence, I believe, takes a lot more work. It's intentional, it's focused, it's a practice.

The way we have evolved our brains are wired to fear the unknown In order to stay alive we had to be accepted by other people, for food, for shelter, for protection. It was literally life or death. We no longer have the same dangers in our modern world. Not only now it is possible to stop feeling fearful all the time, but it is in our best interest to intentional choose confidence instead.

Confidence is a feeling that comes from the thoughts you are thinking. It is an emotion you can actively choose to create, and with practice, master. So for me, when I am genuinely willing to feel any emotion, go out on a limb, and try something new my confidence comes from having full trust in myself. The worst that can ever happen is what I choose to think, what I make it mean--and that, my friends, is entirely up to me.

The Hangover of your twenties doesn't have to be a decade long. Hell, you could just skip it entirely. There is no need to wait to start building your confidence.

Jackie Skinner

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