The number one Hack to your best year yet

The number one Hack to your best year yet.

Hey Precious Human!

How is 2019 going for you this far?

I want to see you feel like your best Self, crushing your goals, and manifest the life of your dreams, because your world needs your talents.

And you know it-the key Hack to living an abundant, fulfilled, expansive life, is SELF CARE.

Are you ready to declare yourself in Charge of your Wellbeing?

Imagine more and more people lit up about their lives, and passionately and purposefully contributing their gifts to the world...

Imagine more and more people out of survival mode, into thriving...

The good we could do for each other, humanity, living beings, mother nature, the things we could create, contribute for future generations - I find it extremely exciting to witness that more and more People choose to live intentionally, and downstream.

It all comes down to taking Charge of our Wellbeing. Self Care isn’t a trend, it is a necessity for life. And it is about moment to moment, real life alignment with your truth. The good, bad, ugly, the full spectrum of feels, imperfectly perfect Human.

For the first time in history, we are dropping the masks, and dissolving the habits of worrying, shaming, blaming, and controlling. More love is the answer, and It is so exciting!

And once the mind is stretched, it can never go back.

Thankfully, we get it now, Self Care is not only about getting your hair done or eating a bunch of superfoods, unless that’s totally jazzing you up. It is also not about being rigid, perfect, or superior. It is knowing we always have a choice, even when the right choice is excruciating. It is supporting the parts of our lives that nobody else can support for us.

At 2am, when nobody answers the phone. Out in the arena, dealing with judgement and projections, when nobody gets how much courage that took you.

That’s when we learn about loving ourselves for however we are feeling.

Nobody can do the push ups for us.

It is about unlearning and deconditioning all that is keeping you from being your shiny, brilliant Self, it really is about radically and unconditionally loving and accepting yourself exactly as you are.

It is about meeting yourself where you are with awareness, compassion, and the deep knowing that nobody can pick us off the floor except us.

Self care is like Parenting ourselves; our inner vulnerable child, and our inner rebellious teenager that’s looking for quick fixes and is full of excuses.

Wellness and Self Care are really the means to that end, a two step process.

First-light up the individual. Feel, heal, deal.

Second-share that Joy and Wisdom with the collective to elevate and further all of us.

In 21 Years of Being a Coach, I have had the great privilege to witness a lot of people’s journeys. Alongside my clients, I also experimented with all kinds of paradigms.

And here is what I believe to be true:

To remember who we are, we do not need to add anything.

The know-how to Being our best self and living our best life is imprinted in our DNA, in our being.

Most of living our best life is about getting out of our own way. Those condemning beliefs we have about our bodies, intelligence, work, relationships, gifts, that is what is creating the resistance.

Self Care is a lot about letting go of limiting beliefs and statements that do not make you feel stronger.

Deconditioning and dismantling the lies that you are less than the other, flawed, too much, not enough, stupid, a victim to, or incapable.

And how delicious to know that we can make this the best year yet, simply by letting go of these stories about ourselves, others, and life, that keep is in a low vibration.

And as you keep asking “is this really true?” and let go of the half truths and the BS, just like a cork, you ll float back up the the surface.

No need to fight, struggle, or push.

Let go of the resistance, of the beliefs that keep you stuck.

I invite you to write down what your conditioned bitchy inner critic has been japping on and on about and ask yourself “is this really true, is this 100% true?”.

If it is not 100% true, press delete on that thought.

And start affirming what is indeed 100% certain about you.

Start with how awesome you are for being here, and getting up in the morning.

Cheers to more Ease this year!

Nothing we want is upstream. ~ Hicks

Do you know what you really want?

Are you feeling deserving of it?

Are you focussing your thoughts, words, and actions on what it is that you want?

In the 21 years of coaching people on creating a life by design, and by compassionately observing the meanderings of my own mind, I have noticed that the people who are successful Manifestors/Co-creators/designers of a life on purpose and with purpose all follow certain principles:

Being clear on WHAT you want and WHY.

Your WHY is the real reason. What FEELING are you really after?

Why do you want to be fit and healthy?

Why do you want to make more money in your sleep? Why do you want a healthy, committed relationship?

Next, knowing that you are worthy of all your desires and open to receive.

Drop the story that you are flawed or not enough, or that you are not deserving of good things coming to you.

You are a scientist, and Alchemist of your energy.

Like attracts like. We cannot hold onto the belief that we are not enough, and expect Abundance. It's like pouring gold into a bottomless cup. It won’t land if your hands are not open and ready.

Lastly, Align your daily thoughts, words, and actions with your goal. Staying focussed and jazzed about your desires, and moving intentionally closer, while enjoying who we become in the process.

Being intentional can seem overwhelming, especially if you find yourself in chaotic or painful circumstances.

I suggest setting One Goal for your Health, one for your Wealth, one for your Relationships.

If you hate making lists and setting goals, it is very likely that you are one of these people that manifest better from staying vague.

Some Experts argue to be specific and concrete, to have a date attached to it etc. Others argue that keeping it open and just following your yes yes yes feeling is the way to go.

Both is true, and depends on you.

I personally need to be specific, and keep it simple and concrete, and lots of my clients need to stay unspecific, and rather choose one word for the year.

But for all of us it is true that the more we focus on the wanted vs the unwanted, the more we are feeling how we want to feel, and being like a magnet to the miracles we say we want.

It is not about positive vs negative.

It is about wanted vs unwanted.

It has been my experience that most people are very clear on what they do NOT want, and focussing there makes us feel stuck.

We are really only stuck on the unwanted.

Intead, use that contrast to give you clarity.

If you do not want to feel lonely, fat, anxious, or depressed, how do you want to feel?

And what is one small exciting habit you could cultivate to feel more that way each day?

What we think about, expands.

Here is that law in action: Try to not think about eating cookies.

Don't eat the cookie, don't eat the cookie....what are you actually thinking about, focussing on, and therefore attracting? Cookies, yes.

In this case the wanted would be feeling vibrant, and energized.

think about colorful fruits and vegetables, and enjoying deliciously colorful and vibrant foods, and how wonderful you feel doing so.

Once you know what you want, why you want it, and what habit and mindset you could practice to help you get there, you actually want to let it all be, and get present.

The best way we create a wonderful future, is by having a wonderful present.

NOW is all we have.

And how can we make our present more wonderful?

Leaning into what feels good to focus on.

Everything we want is to either create a feeling we do want, or to avoid a feeling we do not want.

Every goal we set is because of one of the above reasons.

The better kind of goals are the one pulled by what we want, and how we really want to feel.

Now that you are clear again on the endgame, let’s reverseback engineer.

What could we focus on right now that is making us feel the way we want to feel?

Remember that once we are at peace, everything else falls into place, not the other way around.

Thinking that we cannot be fulfilled/happy/in love until we attracted more money, lost weight, or are in that relationship, is keeping us from actually living fully.

Now is the only point of power.

The number one thing that makes you a powerful Manifestor is your ability to feel good right now, and to match the feeling you are after, now.

Be a vibrational match to your desires, a magnet. Good things cannot help but come your way when you are truly feeling good.

So for those times that you want to rest, for those moments that you are not outwardly working on your goal remember to stay in the FEELING that you are after, so that you do not postpone your happiness any longer.

Everyone has their own pace.

I am currently moving at snail pace, and perhaps by the time you read this, I m doing 1000 things again.

We are not what we do, and our worth is independent from the doing.

Balancing being and doing is a huge part of self care, and we are always cocreating.

If we spend too much time in the future, we not only miss the present, but we are also focussing on the lack. And that makes us feel bad, stressed, and anxious.

And it is not only about reaching the goal, but about enjoying the moment and who we become through the journey.

Elli Richter