The Smash Room

By Elea Faucheron

After one particularly tough year, I had the idea of starting what I call a smash business.

The concept was to rent a huge empty space and fill it with things people could break to release pent-up stress: shatter plates against walls, destroy old computers with baseball bats, kick down doors and so on. Basically, you could go postal in a con- trolled environment and let that bad day, crappy month or terrible year out.

When I check into the idea, it turned out the United Kingdom was already on it. You can find wreck rooms and rage rooms just across the pond. After much consideration, I decided to open a different business, but I still know the immense benefits of ousting destructive emotions in creative and con- trolled ways.

Since then, anytime I need a good release, you can find me destroying an old piece of rotten wood with a sledgehammer, or

breaking a few plates, or beating up an ancient laptop. When I get done, I gotta tell ya, I feel energetic and 10 pounds lighter.

Does a smash room sound pretty good to you right now?

Are you battling being overwhelmed every day? Are you plagued by thoughts that nothing ever works out? That you’ll never get your business to succeed? Or that your boss will never respect you, or that you’ll never have a life outside of work? Are your frustrations threatening to bubble over?

Here’s some sage advice I read in a book years ago: emotions are meant to be in-motion, but too many of us bottle them up. And sure, exercise is an outlet, which is definitely better than going postal in your office, but sometimes exercise isn’t enough.

When you bottle up all that stress, it takes a massive amount of energy to keep it all down. That breeds exhaustion, which leads to depression. Then, your brain starts saying things like why bother? What’s the point? Multiply that by years and now you wouldn’t mind if you didn’t wake up tomorrow.

It’s not because you hate life but just be- cause you’re tired of the same struggles. Of course, you would never do that to your family. You know that’s not the answer, but you’re just too damn tired to find one.

Did you know Americans are spending more on healthcare than any other country, yet we are experiencing decreased life expectancy? Did you also know that decreased life expectancy is happening primarily due to a stress epidemic. Stress is linked to the top six killers and is linked to what the CDC (Center of Disease Control) calls deaths of despair.

We live in a crazy busy world, and it’s easy to lose our sense of purpose and never participate in the activities that actually make us feel good.

One of the fastest ways to do that is to get those emotions in-motion. Find a time when you can focus on getting that frustration out, not just zone out on the treadmill.

Now is time to enjoy life to the fullest. Not when you get your career off the ground, or the kids graduate, or you win that contract, or you retire. Tomorrow is the day to wake up excited and energized. And that’s almost impossible to do if you’re carrying around 100 pounds of emotional baggage.

If you want energy and release, here’s what I suggest:

First, make your own wreck. Find that old computer you can destroy. Of course, be smart about it: wear your safety goggles and take care not to hurt anyone or anything else in the process. If you need inspiration, watch the fax-destroying scene in the movie Office Space.

Second, realize that stress multiplies to unbearable levels when you believe you have no control. When you believe that, you isolate and battle shame. I get it, you never meant to land here: exhausted, over- whelmed and over your head, feeling like a failure. But when you believe you have no control, that’s like tossing hot sauce in your eye, getting mad and then stuffing all those emotions all over again. Watch the movie Finding Joe for some epic inspiration on overcoming these sorts of feelings.

Third, hear this loud a clear: DO NOT ISO- LATE. Stress will pick you o like a cheetah honing in on a lame zebra. Call on support and engage in your community. Get involved in a group that reminds you that you are not a casualty of overwhelmed living. Need some proof? Watch HBO’s new special One Nation under Stress.

Fourth, stop hiding — you are more powerful than shame. Stop sugarcoating — you are stronger than exhaustion. Stop fearing judgment — you are worthy and don’t need to explain yourself. Need help overcoming the judgment? Watch the movie I Am.

Fifth, remember now is the perfect time to change the momentum of your life. Not next week, month or year. If you want to crush all that emotional stress that drains your battery dead, the moment is now!

Elea Faucheron is a certified co-active coach. Her ability to detect the slightest degree change in ambient room temperature gives her superpowers to stomp out burnout before it’s too late. To learn more, about how her methods can help you, visit her website at Elea’s book MOVE THINK SMILE is now available on Amazon.